Structures for Photovoltaic Panels
4 September 2020
4 September 2020
This model represents the top of the range Med Group offer. MultiArt is the high-tech greenhouse that responds to every climatic need. The wide range of sizes allows you to choose the right volume required by the crop. Depending on the necessary loads, different types of trusses are available, more or less reinforced. Ventilation, a fundamental aspect in the greenhouse, is also calculated considering all the fundamental data of the project and choosing the suitable openings to recreate the desired climatic conditions. The exclusive technical innovations introduced in this model and its nose-shaped shape allow a significant improvement in performance by ensuring more light, more resistance, more volume and no dripping.

Technical Characteristics

  • SENDZMIR Z275 or H.D.G. steel structure.
  • Foundation with telescopic system
  • Cover in single, double or polycarbonate plastic sheeting
  • Central and side eaves SENDZMIR Z450 or H.D.G.
  • Several ridge openings available
  • Manual or motorized roller shutter side openings
  • Manual or motorized roll-up header openings
  • Headboards and side panels in corrugated polycarbonate, honeycomb or sandwich polycarbonate
  • Sliding doors with 1 or 2 wings
  • Steel bolts 8.8 H.D.G.



Total Control

Excellent climate control regardless of outdoor weather conditions. This model is the result of in-depth and continuous research by our technical studio in close collaboration with our customers and their agronomists.
L (mm) 6400 – 8000 – 9000 – 9600 – 10000 – 10600 – 12000 – 12800
H useful to the tie rod (m) From 2,50 to 6,00
Stakes/arch spacing (m) 2,00 – 2,50 – 3,00
Step jumps (m) 4,00 – 5,00 – 6,00
Poles 80x80 x 2,00/3,00/4,00mm
Bows and tie rods Bows: Ø 76 x 1.5/2.0mm - Tie rods: Ø 32/42 x 1.5mm

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