Structures for Photovoltaic Panels

4 September 2020
4 September 2020
With increasing attention paid to green production, Med Group also produces greenhouses whose flaps are designed for mounting photovoltaic panels. These structures are perfect for those customers who are looking for the combination of fruit and vegetable production and the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Technical Characteristics of Standard Solutions

  • SENDZMIR Z275 or H.D.G. steel structure
  • PVC sheet covering
  • Steel bolts 8.8 H.D.G.

Structures for Photovoltaic Panels


Material and galvanizing

The structures, which comply with current standards, are original and patented. The material used is in part galvanized Sendzimir Z 275, Sendzimir Z 500 and galvanized hot.

Photos of the structures for Photovoltaic