Parking facilities

4 September 2020
Thanks to the experience developed in the production of metal structures, Med Group has designed modular car parks ideal for installation in private areas, offices or commercial areas.

Technical Characteristics of Standard Solutions

  • SENDZMIR Z275 or H.D.G. steel structure
  • PVC sheet covering
  • Steel bolts 8.8 H. D. G.

Parking facilities


Simple and Modular

Simple and quick assembly and modularity that can meet different needs are the main features of our car parks.
L (mm) 5800 - 6000
H useful to the tie rod (m)> Da 2,40 a 2,70
Arch spacing (m) Standard 2,50
Bows and tie rods Bows: Ø 60 x 1.5/2.0mm - Tie rods: Ø 32 x 1.5mm

Photos of Parking Facilities